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Sam AliSam Ali
10:37 04 Jun 24
I had microdermabrasion facial done this morning and I was highly impressed with the results,the staff are really knowledgeable about different skin types and I have booked another one again with them,The prices are so reasonable compared to other places.The salon itself was so bright and clean.I told them you will be seeing me regularly!! And it’s so easy to book online - pay deposit and your booked in with a named person.Get booking ladies.
Kalie WoolleyKalie Woolley
06:35 23 Apr 24
I bought the facial training course a few months ago and loved It! It was all added to the app quickly so i could start leanring the theory. The praciticals were really interesting and i was given loads of supprt. Would deffo reccomend!
Anisa MahmoodAnisa Mahmood
21:59 22 Apr 24
I attended for my appointment with Fatima on 17th and arrived 5 mins late, I was advised to wait by Fatima as she needed to check something. After a few minutes Fatima returned advising me it was now 10 minutes past my appointment time and would have to do my appointment in the training room, not the salon as they had classes happening, or I could move my appointment to the following week if I preferred. I explained I was only 5 mins late and because I was advised to wait by herself, this resulted in it being 10 minutes by the time of the discussion. However, I was happy to move my appointment to the following week. Fatima then looked through her book while I was there and we agreed she would book the appointment for the 23rd of April.The night before I messaged Kamaya on Instagram, as realised I hadn’t had a confirmation email and wanted to confirm the time. They then advised that my appointment was cancelled as the offer wasn’t valid anymore.Extremely unprofessional salon, if they were not willing to reschedule the deal booked, they should have had that conversation truthfully while I was there and not pretend to book it in front of me for the 23rd.I would have been happy to have my appointment in training room that day, however was offered the choice of it moved. It is unfair to give your clients an option that you don’t intend to keep.Every other salon I have attended have a late policy of 10 to 15 minutes or time gets taken off your treatment time, however this salon does not advise anything about their late policy and 5 minutes seems very unreasonable when not discussed or advertised before hand. Extremely unprofessional salon would not recommendEdit:I never received an email advising cancellation and I had messaged yourself on Instagram as hadn’t had the email with booking time and couldn’t remember when it had been rescheduled for and received a very unprofessional reply saying ‘you was late for your appointment and when we are back to back we cant do late appointments’ I had advised I hadn’t been aware of this at the time and didn’t ask for it to be rescheduled it was an offer done by one your staff to otherwise they said the would do it in the treatment room not in the salon (so I was never advised that the treatment can’t take place)I originally messaged and got prompt replies and then messages were being read and ignored for a few hours however after the reviews got put up, I received a prompt reply from yourself with a complete different undertone to the previous messages, requesting for me to remove the reviews and that I was able to attend tommorow. I advised I felt extremely uncomfortable attending after the previous messages and would like a refund instead and yourself advised that’s not the case and I said I completely understood and wouldn’t be able to attend unfortunately as I felt very uncomfortable regarding the exchanges that happened this evening and wished you well and honestly after this reply I’m glad as it’s shown me I was in the right not to come tommorow as would have felt unwelcomed.
Mariya AneesMariya Anees
08:00 12 Feb 24
Amazing results!!I have completed 6 sessions of the laser package and absolutely delighted with my results. It has been very effective and I have hardly any hair left.Great service and Jen is very professional and always made me at ease. Friendly atmosphere in the atmosphere would definetly recommend.

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